May 2, 2011



April 25, 2011

These are the three directions we’re thinking about taking with our poster.

reflected feet

hats on coat tree


Show & Tell – Twelfth Night Posters

April 20, 2011

Ideas for our shakespeare poster…

Project Narrative – Packaging Design

I chose to develop a brand that would appeal to an younger audience than is usually interested in tea. I wanted to contrast my brand with other tea brands available. My brand strives to provide an excellent product while still maintaining a fun and exciting feel. Tea is oftentimes seen as outdated so I chose to use all lowercase type and an exciting pattern to bring my product up to date.

I chose green, pink and orange for my colors. In this way, I did not abandon the traditional green used for tea, but I added in bright colors to give my company a more contemporary feel. I chose to stick with this color palette instead of branching out and including other colors. I felt that this would give the entire system consistency. The pattern I developed worked to give taffeta an element of class. I wanted give the company a delicate and upscale feel without making it really “girly.” I think that the pattern accomplished this purpose well. I added variation to the pattern by switching the dominate and background color on the labels for the tea tin. This also made the pattern more apparent and added some needed contrast from the white circle. I chose the look of the website that I developed to contrast the tea websites I looked at in my audit. Most of the sites were very cluttered and had a lot of useless information. I wanted to use my color palette in an effective way that would make my site stand out. While developing the website mock up, I tried to use empty space in an effective way to create a clean and organized feel.

I believe that my executions accomplished what I intended. I will add a shopping page to the website when I actually execute. (I plan on doing this for my portfolio, but ran out of time for this project.) I believe that I learned to trust my instincts more on this project, and I learned the value of getting input from others around me. I also feel that I benefitted from attempting to explore the product as much as possible as I worked on this project.

Website Mock up

These are the 2 pages of my website that I mocked up.

The first is tea varieties, the second is the contact and information page.